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"Don't Let Their Glory Fade"

Keeping Normandy’s spirit alive is as much a dedication to the present as to past. Our present day warriors are the legacy of the Normandy Heroes.  The Normandy Research Foundation is committed to honoring our current warriors by raising funds to provide hosted travel events  to the D-Day Battlefields. 

Teama Easy Productions (left to right): Sarah Purdy, Ellen Sugita, and Rosanne Fassi

Director, Amelia McNutt 

Our goal is to use between 75-100% of our revenues to facilitate the travel to and hosting of our present day Warriors in Normandy. It is our hope that other patriotic Americans and American businesses will join us in this “Great Crusade” – to honor our present day heroes and remember America’s remarkable accomplishments in Normandy.

More Images of Normandy

Photo Gallery Credit: Amelia McNutt

Airborne Museum Sherman Tank
Omaha Cemetery Neetly
"Earn This"
Battery Crisbecq
1984 D-Day Pres. Reagan at Cemetery
View of Beach Omaha Dog Green
Vierville Dog White - Dog Red
Utah Beach
Utah Beach as seen by German gunner
Rommel's Traveling Artillery
Pointe Du Hoc Destruction
Pointe du Hoc Memorial
Overlord Museum
Omaha Beach Sands
Omaha Beach Low Tide
Omaha Gun Position
Omaha Beach Tides Out
Omaha Beach Gun
Omaha Beach Cemetery
Omaha Beach Bluff
Museum LCVP
Mulberry Piece
Mulberry Harbor
Maisey Battery Gun
Louvre Pyramid in Paris
LC Cambre Cemetery
German Tank - Overlord Museum
Omaha Beach Memorial
Hedgrows Today
Guns Longes
German Positions Height on Normandy
German Graves
American Tank Destroyer
American Sherman Tank
101st Airborne Landed Here
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