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  Places- Battle Sites,       Cites and Towns
Ste-Mere Eglise
Omaha and Utah

Visit the most important sites for the Americans on D-Day. Cities, towns, beaches and cliff tops filled with a unique and heroric story just waiting to be shared with our present day warriors and heroes. 


Omaha Beach

Photo ACM



Many museums dot the Battle areas telling the D-Day Story.

Museums full of authentic American and German weapons and equipment from D-Day.

      The Normandy American Cemetery


 No memorial is as moving as the American Cemetery and Memorial at Omaha Beach. A walk amongst the Crosses and Stars of David -with each facing west towards home, each name its own story, is truly a remarkable and humbling experience.

Photo ACM

Photo ACM

Utah Beach

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Caen Memorial and Museum

Photo ACM 2013

Utah Beach

ACM 2011



German Gun

Maisy Battery

Photo ACM 2011

German 155mm Field Gun  Maisy Battery  2011

Photo ACM

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