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The W.I.N. Project is central to our mission. One of our goals is to sponsor travel and educational opportunities for active duty and retired military veterans so they may experience first hand our nation's rich military history in Normandy, France. 


The Normandy Research Foundation is dedicated to helping those  who have served our country in our Armed Forces. One of our goals is to sponsor Veterans' travels to Normandy touring D-Day battle sites, museums, and memorials.

The Normandy Travel Experience


Many museums dot the Battle areas telling the D-Day Story: Museums full of authentic American and German weapons and equipment from D-Day.


We will visit the most important sites for the Americans on D-Day. Cities, towns, beaches and cliff tops filled with a unique and heroric story just waiting to be shared with our present day warriors and heroes.


 In Normandy you are never far from the sea. The wind always blows,  carrying the scent and sounds of the ocean. The rain is never far away in Normandy and the fields and pastures are still as they were centuries ago.


Today in Normandy you can walk where Americans fought and died  to save a continent and perhaps mankind.


Come to Normandy, or if you cannot...


We will bring the story of  Normandy to you.

The American Cemetery at Normandy

No memorial is as moving as the American Cemetery and Memorial at Omaha Beach. A walk amongst the Crosses and Stars of David -with each facing west towards home, each name its own story, is truly a remarkable and humbling experience.

Images of some of the historic landmarks, memorials and

battlegrounds of D-Day in Normandy, France.

Airborne Museum Sherman Tank
German Gun Maisy Battery
German Tank - Overlord Museum
German Military Cemetery & Memorial
Caen Memorial & Museum
WW2 Memorial, Washington, DC
Pegasus Bridge
Destroyed German bunker at Pointe Du
Utah Beach from a bunker
Omaha Beach
Church tower of Sainte-Mere-Eglise
Omaha Gun Position
American WW2 Cemetery
Remains of Mulberry Harbour
A-20 G Havoc Light Bomber with D-Day
Soldiers at the Battle at Normandy
Tank Obstacles
Guns Longes
Soldier's Grave
"Dog Green" Omaha Beach
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