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You will be greeted with images and music introducing you to D-Day and Normandy

Part 2

D-day - The American Story Continues

Together we will travel back in time over 70 years to explore D-Day -from the  home front to war zone.

Our Presentation:

Part 1

D-day - The American Story


Little know facts from Normandy and World War II will be shown during the break.


We will end with a Q & A Session and full explantion of The Normandy  Research Foundation and the W.I.N. Project.

  D-Day: We Bring the Story to You


The story of the Battle of Normandy unfolds as America’s finest moment using a Multi-media presentation, hosted by a passionate student of America’s military history. Using images and experiences acquired by many trips to Normandy and years of personal research, as well as the interpretations of past and present authors, the  how and why  of D-Day is explained. 


This historically accurate and detailed presentation will afford a unique look at the events Americans remember as D-Day, June 6th 1944.   Together, we will examine the : military, cultural, political, and  industrial factors that led to the beginning of the end of World War II.

Our goal is to use between 75-100% of our revenues to facilitate the travel to and hosting of our present day Warriors in Normandy. It is our hope that other patriotic Americans and American businesses will join us in this “Great Crusade” – to honor our present day heroes and remember America’s remarkable accomplishments in Normandy.


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The Normandy Research Foundation presents:

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D-Day Greeting- Images & Music  

D-Day - The American Story  

The Vagaries of History  

Little known D-Day & World War II Facts